Huge haul of stolen Hollywood film equipment found in Argentina


A huge haul of film making equipment, apparently stolen from Hollywood producers, has been recovered in Argentina.

Police raided a series of firms involved in video production in Buenos Aires and found dozens of professional cameras, lenses and lighting rigs.

The investigation came about as a result of co-operation between the FBI, US police, the US embassy as well as Argentinian federal police.

The haul was worth an estimated $3m (£2.3m).

A haul of hundreds of items stolen from Hollywood production firms in the US
A haul of hundreds of items stolen from Hollywood production firms in the US

Argentinian police say the equipment was being targeted in Hollywood and other US cities before being smuggled into the South American country.

The smugglers would then sell the stolen equipment to local companies who would rent it out to local production companies in Argentina.

So far, four people have been arrested in the US and 17 suspects have been identified in Argentina.

Argentinian cable news channel TN said the haul included 17 computers, 33 tripods, 224 precision film lenses, 69 film cameras, eight photo cameras, 82 lights for professional use, 29 ballasts, three panels, 11 bags, seven screens, 15 generator sets, six equipment cases, six monitors, 52 batteries and two microphones.

Lighting rigs seized by Argentinian police
Lighting rigs seized by Argentinian police

Security minister Patricia Bullrich, unveiling the haul at a news conference, said that some of it had been “stolen in New York”.

She added: “Police from New York followed the investigation and found equipment was also stolen from other areas of California, of Hollywood that was then brought into Argentina.

“We have an ongoing investigation here at customs. (The stolen film equipment) entered Argentina and went into rental businesses.”


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