WW1 grenade French potato shipment at food-processing factory


WW1 grenade French potato shipment at food-processing factory.

A First World War-era hand grenade was destroyed by police after it was discovered in a shipment of potatoes.

The explosive, thought to be of German origin, was found at a food-processing plant in the city of Tseung Kwan O, in Hong Kong, on Saturday.

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Police said bomb disposal experts detonated the 2.2lb device at the Tseung Kwan O industrial estate after it was unearthed in the shipment from France.

Officers are reported to have closed a nearby street, moved cars and piled sandbags around the grenade before detonating it.

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Police said there were no injuries and no indication of criminal activity.

The discovery comes after a man in the Netherlands was treated in hospital last month after he spent two and a half hours lying on top of a bomb.

He reportedly found the unexploded device while walking his dog and covered it with his body when he heard it “hissing”.

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His girlfriend said he was almost hypothermic after lying on the object, thought to be a grenade or shell dating from the Second World War, as temperatures plummeted until explosive experts were able to free him.


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