New Jersey students neighbor dialysis, crack of dawn to shovel snow


New Jersey students neighbor dialysis, crack of dawn to shovel snow.

Five high school seniors set out at the crack of dawn to shovel snow from a New Jersey woman’s driveway so she could make it to her lifesaving dialysis treatment on Monday.

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On Sunday night, there was up to eight inches of snow in the forecast for the following morning, which was dangerous news for Natalie Blair, who had a dialysis appointment she couldn’t miss, according to CNN. Her neighbor, Brian Lanigan, was usually the person to shovel Blair’s driveway, but he was due at work as an EMT when the storm was expected to start.

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So Lanigan turned to his little brother, Patrick, for a really big favor: shovel Blair’s driveway before the sun rises and clear a safe path for her to get out the door. The teen put out feelers for reinforcements, and his friends and fellow Parsippany High School classmates Justin, Chris, Tyler and Amon responded to the call. The five boys bundled up and proceeded to head over to Blair’s house at 4:30 a.m.

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Thanks to teamwork, the group was reportedly able to get the job done in about half an hour, and Blair made it to her dialysis appointment. The teens didn’t get a snow day, but their school did announce a delayed opening. The boys all crashed at the Lanigan house and rested up for a full day of classes later on.

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Later that day, Patrick’s father, Peter Lanigan, tweeted out a photo of the boys, which has now won the hearts of an entire community and beyond.

All of the accolades were humbling to the younger Lanigan, but his dad told CNN that the heroic act was not unusual for the teen. He called his son a “small kid with a big heart,” and told the outlet that Patrick is an active church member and a “peer buddy” in his community, helping students on the autism spectrum.


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