Ohio teacher duct tape, not stop talking after being asked


Ohio teacher duct tape, not stop talking after being asked.

A math teacher at two Ohio high schools resigned earlier this year after she used duct tape to cover students’ mouths as a form of discipline.

Charles Igwekala-Nweke, who taught at Clark Montessori High School and Hughes STEM High School in Cincinnati, reportedly duct-taped three students’ mouths shut when the students did not stop talking after being asked.

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One of Igwekala-Nweke’s fellow teachers was made aware of the incident by another student and immediately informed Hughes Principal Kathy D. Wright. The teacher was put on leave pending an investigation.

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Igwekala-Nweke emailed Wright to apologize and admitted his behavior was “unbecoming of a teaching professional.”

“In my 7th bell, students were talking during their semester exam,” he wrote. “In the efforts of maintaining a proper test environment, I told students I would give them zeros to counter their conversations. But, instead of giving them reprimands and zeros on their semester exam, I proceeded to using duct tape on students.”

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“I allowed gross rationale to justify gross behavior,” Igwekala-Nweke wrote.

The teacher resigned following a disciplinary hearing in January.


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