Aretha Franklin film opens Detroit, fans of her a gift on her birthday


Aretha Franklin film opens Detroit, fans of her a gift on her birthday.

The Detroit Instittue of Art will be hosting a premier of “Amazing Grace,” a film featuring the Queen of Soul at age 29. It showcases her performance at the New Temple Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles.

“It’s a very special day and we’re proud to represent on her birthday,” said KeCalf Cunningham, the son of Aretha Franklin.

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The premier comes amid criticisms from some regarding the state of the late singer’s finances. Coming from Wendy Williams, she claimed that her estate was being mismanaged.

“When Mrs. Franklin passed away, there was no secret that the finances were a mess,” Williams said. “In the meantime, get as much as you can from that big company and don’t have Cousin June Bug do the contract.”

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However, the family said her estate is fine and that its representative, Sabrina Owens brings a masters degree and more than 20 years of experience to the table for managing the fortune.

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“We have a very professional team running the estate,” Owens said. “I bring background and experience to the role. We have attorneys here, attorneys in California to deal with the entertainment piece of it.”

The film opens nationwide next month.


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