Maureen Walsh has now received 1700 decks of playing cards


Maureen Walsh has now received 1700 decks of playing cards.

About 1,700 decks of cards from nurses have been arriving at Sen. Maureen Walsh’s by the bin-load, so far.

Walsh made a comment about nurses spending a “considerable” amount of their work day playing cards on the senate floor last week while the senate debated a bill about breaks for nurses.

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She’s now tasked with figuring out what to do about the playing cards.

“I like poker as much as anyone, but I think I’m pretty well stocked up right now,” Walsh said. “One thing’s for sure. It’s a good time to be in the playing-card business.”

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Walsh apologized for her comments. Walsh’s office says they have also received 10,000 emails, 35,000 phone calls.

As of Wednesday evening, more than 755,000 people have signed a petition to have Walsh shadow a nurse for a 12-hour shift.

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“I wish I could take my words back, but the issue remains important,” she said. “Our critical access hospitals serve an important role in smaller communities across the state. Many already are operating in the red, and this could put them under.”


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