Corpus Christi: Shooting at Naval Air Station injures security officer


Corpus Christi: Shooting at Naval Air Station injures security officer.

An active shooter situation at a south Texas military installation appears to be over.

Security personnel were called to respond to an active shooter at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi around 6:15 a.m.

The shooter was no longer a threat, according to a statement from Navy officials.

A member of the Navy’s security force at the facility was injured, officials said.

It wasn’t yet clear what exactly happened or the extent of the injuries.

Although the active threat appeared to be over, the military installation remained on lockdown and all gates were still closed.

NAS Corpus Christi is home to four naval training squadrons, the Chief of Naval Air Training, and several aviation programs that train pilots from the Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, as well as foreign pilots, according to Navy records online.

The facility employs more than 9,700 people full-time, including approximately 1,900 active duty Navy and Marine personnel.

NAS Corpus Christi is located on the Texas Gulf Coast appropriately 220 miles southwest of Houston.


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