Car wash worker returns stimulus check found in trash can


Car wash worker returns stimulus check found in trash can.

A man has been reunited with his $1,200 stimulus check after a worker found it in a trash can, according to WITN.

Antonio Hernandez was at work at Evans Street Car Wash when he noticed the check in a trash can.

Seeing the name Charles Thompson, Hernandez and his daughter Michelle Alvarado tracked down the check’s owner.

“I never thought I was going to get a check, because of moving in the past year and my address not changing, and out of the blue Michelle (Alvarado) told me she found it at this car wash,” Thompson told WITN.

Thompson, an Army veteran, said he works in construction and was getting behind on rent. That check made a huge difference.

“It’s just been not easy, and it’s not easy for a lot of veterans,” Thompson said. “We just don’t like to talk about it a lot. It’s the little things like that that kind of make you emotional.”

Hernandez and Alvarado told WITN they’re glad to lend a helping hand.


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