Chase Bank blames ‘technical issue’ for customers, report


Chase Bank blames ‘technical issue’ for customers, report.

Chase Bank customers across the United States noticed erroneous changes to their personal account balances on Saturday night, with some reporting lost funds and others acquiring mysterious payments.

JPMorgan Chase, the investment banking and financial services conglomerate of which Chase Bank is a subsidiary, told Newsweek the issues were resolved as of 9 a.m. EDT on Sunday morning.

“A technical issue overnight delayed updates to our checking accounts. We’ve resolved the issue as of 9 a.m. Eastern today and accounts show current balances,” a spokesperson from the bank said.

Earlier, account holders whose earnings were compromised voiced their concern and frustration on Twitter. Although it was unclear how many accounts were affected, the trending #ChaseBank hashtag suggested widespread impact. In addition to account balance changes, many reported malfunctioning mobile applications.

One Twitter user reached out to the bank’s support team early Sunday about funds that “disappeared” from his account overnight. “I like thousands of others have a mortgage payment due this week,” the user wrote.

JPMorgan is one of the largest financial institutions in the U.S., with more than $2 billion in assets, according to Forbes. The company held more than 50 million accounts in 2019, with more than 34 million mobile banking customers, Business Insider reported.


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