FBI: Noose Found In Black Firefighter’s Locker


FBI: Noose Found In Black Firefighter’s Locker.

City officials in a Minneapolis suburb have asked the FBI to investigate after a rope that looked like a noose was found in the locker of a Black firefighter.

The piece of rope, tied into “what appears to be a crude noose” was discovered at a Bloomington fire station on June 15, the Star-Tribune of Minneapolis reported. The occurrence was reported by fire department officials Tuesday, the newspaper reported.

“Acts like this that embody hate, intimidation, and aggression will not be tolerated,” Bloomington Fire Chief Ulie Seal said in a statement. “The firefighter who brought this to our attention has demonstrated extreme strength and bravery and has done the right thing.”

The issue was reported a few days after a pull rope that looked like a noose was found in the Talladega Superspeedway garage of Bubba Wallace, the only Black driver on NASCAR’s main circuit. Federal authorities said Tuesday that NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace was not the victim of a hate crime.

Bloomington Mayor Tim Busse said he was “disgusted, angry and embarrassed” by what occurred at the fire department

“To be clear, this incident is very serious and is being dealt with aggressively,” Busse said in a statement.

Busse said in his statement that Bloomington has “a strict workplace policy that forbids all types of discriminatory and disrespectful behavior.”

The noose’s appearance comes a month after George Floyd, a Black man, died after a Minneapolis police officer put his knee against the man’s neck for nearly nine minutes on May 25. Bloomington is located about 10 miles south of Minneapolis.

“I spoke to staff in a town hall forum setting this week and made it explicitly clear that there is no place for this disgusting display of hatred in our organization,” Busse said in his statement. “I recognize that learning about this incident may be particularly traumatic for our Black community members given the history of nooses being used as a symbol of hate and intimidation and a tool of horrific violence.”


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