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Ahead of this year’s Pocky Day (November 11), Pocky producer Ezaki Glico is celebrating its entry into Guinness World Records fame.

Serving as Glico’s longest-selling product, the Japanese snack launched all the way back in 1966 has now been named “the world’s best-selling chocolate-coated biscuit brand.” Aside from being a favorite in Japan and neighboring Asian countries, Pocky has made its way to North America and has become a beloved snack available just about everywhere. With the global spread, as of 2019, Pocky has generated $589.9 million USD in global sales.

To mark its achievement, Glico will be releasing a special edition Pocky package bearing the Guinness World Record holder logo. Ezaki Glico will also be holding an extended event for Pocky Day this year, to continue its aims to use the day to spread the happiness of sharing Pocky among people all over the world. November 11th was selected as Pocky day because Pocky is shaped like the number “1,” with the day certified by the Japan Anniversary Association as “Pocky & Pretz day” in Japan.

Head over to the special Pocky Day 2020 site to learn more about this year’s celebrations.

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